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Introducing Forse by StableLab

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Jun 25, 2024

TL;DR: We are launching Forse, a data analytics and intelligence platform built to drive DAO growth and sustainability. Forse empowers DAO stakeholders to make data-driven decisions by providing comprehensive performance metrics, analysis, and insights.

Today we’re proud to usher in the next chapter of StableLab with the introduction of Forse, our latest flagship product. Forse is a data analytics and intelligence platform purpose-built to accelerate the growth and adoption of DAOs. Born from years of experience navigating the complexities within DAO governance, Forse equips DAO operators, stakeholders, community members, core teams, delegates, and service providers with comprehensive performance metrics, analysis, and insights to drive decision-making.

To begin, we’re releasing a public dashboard analyzing Arbitrum’s STIP. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue releasing new dashboards, collaborating with select partners to create the best Forse experience possible. If you’re interested in what Forse can do for your project, contact us.

Forse: The First DAO Data and Intelligence Platform

As decentralized governance continues to evolve, DAOs increasingly allocate, distribute, and vote on strategic initiatives worth billions of dollars. However, the lack of effective tools that exist to measure, inform, and optimize these decisions is slowing growth and effectiveness. 

Through our firsthand experience contributing to over 25+ ecosystems, we frequently encounter and see a need for more governance data and objective insights to guide decision-making. We believe this is suboptimal for a rapidly maturing space that safeguards and distributes huge amounts of capital. We’re adamant proponents of professionalization, accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in governance. That is why we built Forse.

With Forse, our aim is to tackle many of the common challenges plaguing decentralized ecosystems today. We aim to have a holistic approach and produce analytics for all facets of DAO operations. Some of what Forse helps solve include:

• Difficulty measuring ROI for allocations and decisions
• Suboptimal design of incentive programs and initiatives
• Limited understanding of the most impactful strategies
• Lackluster and inefficient governance operations

Built to Revolutionize DAO Operations

Advanced Data Analytics

Forse delivers more than just traditional data visualization by providing in-depth data analytics and actionable insights to drive your strategic decision-making forward. Discover DAO data that derives well-defined conclusions and actionable items.

Governance-First Approach

Forse embraces a governance-first approach, prioritizing the alignment of data insights with governance objectives empowering you to make informed decisions that enhance protocol effectiveness, helping you reach your intended goals and metrics.

Robust Data Integrations

As we see a large part of governance efforts happening off-chain, we understand the importance of using off-chain data sources such as social media, Discord/Telegram, and governance forums. Therefore, Forse seamlessly integrates onchain and offchain data sources, helping you derive impactful insights on key protocol metrics and governance indicators of performance.

Expert Guidance and Implementation

Experience the full potential of Forse with personalized and ongoing support, ensuring you achieve your goals. Our team of governance specialists is dedicated to guiding you from 0 to 1. Additionally, meet GIGI, our industry-first AI-powered governance assistant, here to assist you with better understanding your data insights and beyond.

Powering Arbitrum STIP, LTIPP, and Beyond

To showcase the power of Forse, we’re excited to launch, as our first public dashboard, the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP) dashboard. It provides an overview of STIP’s impact on top-line protocol metrics and insights on the application process. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive analysis of the end users receiving incentives, with a focus on segmentation, user acquisition, retention, and governance, offering valuable insights into the program’s effectiveness and impact.

Here, find:

• Onchain Impact Analysis of STIP
• User Segmentation Analysis
• User Acquisition and Retention Analysis
• Impact on Governance Participation
• Application Process Trends and Common Feedback received by applicants.

If you want to learn more about the research and methodologies that helped produce the STIP dashboard, read our full report.

What's Next?

We envision Forse as the ultimate tool in every decentralized project’s arsenal, unlocking new possibilities for stakeholders and service providers. In the coming months, look out for:

• Even more advanced analytics capabilities
• Deeper integrations and partnerships with leading communities
• Customizable dashboard templates for common use cases

Have a dashboard request or integration idea? Let us know!

Built by StableLab

Forse is built by StableLab, the leading provider of governance solutions for decentralized protocols. Since 2021, StableLab has stood at the forefront of DAO governance actively contributing and developing governance systems and frameworks across 25+ of the leading protocols. Forse encapsulates our mission to accelerate decentralized protocols' growth, sustainability, and resilience.

Join the Forse Movement

If you're ready to unlock your DAO's potential with Forse, here's how to get started:

• Visit our Website to learn more
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Explore the STIP Dashboard to see the platform in action
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• Submit a contact form if you’re a project interested in integrating Forse

Together, let’s pave the way for the next evolution of DAOs

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