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Meet the Team: Mel Oxenreider

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Mel Oxenreider

Jun 17, 2024

I joined StableLab in April '24 to peacefully revolutionize governance. DAO governance is a subset of machine control, and by extension, human control by human beings. Installing and maintaining control of the machine, by the humans who can and will govern others optimally, is my function.

My path into DeFi and DAOs was via traditional finance and corporate governance. Fascinated from childhood by the open internet, and despite winning awards for computer and information processing concepts, chose Civil Engineering and Architecture as my fields of study. Education reinforced that my creative powers must be useful and bring delight; experience taught me that only absolute integrity within oneself, others, and our built environment can fully express those values.

After college, I worked on large-scale civil engineering projects in New York City and soon found myself facilitating millions of dollars in daily payments for high-rise building construction on behalf of banks and government agencies. I was the first to raise alarms to clients and the last line of defense against fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. This left me uniquely equipped to bring 20 years of financial controls and framework design and implementation to the most erratically and democratically governed place on Earth: DAOs.

Managing people within corporate environments and working with people at DAOs taught me one key principle: without the agreement of the governed, there can be no control. Converting individual elements of self-control into value above what other configurations of aligned participation can yield became my passion. I started an open-source contributor-focused newsletter at a fledgling DeFi DAO. 

The resultant trust as a coordination mechanism placed me in top-level leadership roles at The Index Cooperative, where I co-formed the first governance operations, governance growth, and metagovernance working groups. Metagovernance capabilities ultimately placed me in contact with those building open finance, metaverses, NFT communities, and civil-digital infrastructure that our children will use for hundreds of years.

In dedicating the second half of my life to solving large-scale group challenges, I’ve developed advanced information processing concepts, publishing my work on the Oxcart Method of cascading vote capital accounting in March '23. Partnering with StableLab allows me to focus on crafting innovative and workable policies for DAOs, and those that serve them.

My principled approach: Honesty (don’t lie; believe no one); Reason (life has value; value can only be derived from the living); Human Resourcing (everything is p2p); Validation (always ask, ‘for the benefit of whom?’); Service (do my best; give and forgive with abandon); Openness (work hard and publicly); Continuity (keep commitments; fail honestly); Empathy (seek to understand before being understood); and Enthusiastic Consent (inalienable right to exit; agreement on shared goals).

People drive any collective or business, and those more practiced than I have always fueled me beyond comparison. I’m at StableLab because we are the best at what we do; we’re also the best at what a lot of other firms and collectives claim to do. The future belongs to those who can control themselves and build in harmony with our conceptual species; it is my humble honor to serve at the pleasure of those who delegate to and trust StableLab with their governance capital.

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