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Matt Stein

Oct 25, 2022

I am excited to announce that I have joined the StableLab team as a Governance Analyst on their mission to become a leader in governance for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

I believe decentralized governance is crucial to forming the future. There is a growing mistrust between communities and the large businesses and governments that represent them. People feel their voices are not being heard and are left in the dark as to how decisions that affect everyone are being made. DAOs offer a powerful solution to these issues as they let the community play an active role in determining the future. This makes decisions much more collaborative and transparent. This is important as it causes people to feel more connected to projects and proud to be a part of them. However, with more voices being heard and new governance mechanisms being used, there are many pain points that need to be resolved to make sure these new governance concepts work seamlessly. There is a lot of trial and error among DAOs as they work toward finding an efficient and productive governance model. StableLab Governance lab is a great asset to DAOs as they provide guidance to help protocols create a solid foundation using frameworks they have seen work in the past. The Stable Node team has years of experience assisting DAOs mature and can use this knowledge to help protocols avoid the mistakes of other DAO’s so they can build a better community faster and more efficiently.

The opportunity to work with the great people at Stable Node was really exciting to me as it will be great to learn from experts in the field of decentralized governance. The role is also extremely appealing as it will allow me to work with multiple protocols to develop their product and outreach. My intention is to use my interest in business combined with my extensive analytical research experience to analyze what does and doesn’t work for governance and apply this to the protocols I work on.

This is a turbulent time for DAOs and there is a need for them to be built safely and sustainably. I am excited to contribute to various protocols by providing the necessary advice to facilitate advancements. With DeGov being a relatively new concept I am eager to help cement the legitimacy and sustainability of the space. It will be thrilling to watch these DAOs evolve and even more exciting knowing I was there to help forge the way.

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If you would like to support us in our governance efforts,If you and your team need guidance on governance related matters, orIf you are a founder who is building something interesting in web3

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