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Welcome to the team Marcos Miranda
Welcome to the team Marcos Miranda
Welcome to the team Marcos Miranda

Meet the Team: Marcos Miranda

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Marcos Miranda

Jul 25, 2023

Throughout my career, I've always been drawn to the dynamic, challenging, and ultimately rewarding landscape of technology. It's an industry that nurtures continuous growth, fostering innovation at a dizzying pace. I began my journey in the "web2" world, where I dipped my toes in various sectors such as travel and SaaS. However, it wasn't until I encountered the blockchain that I found my true professional calling in web3 Product Management.

Like many of my crypto-enthusiast out there, my first encounter with the world of blockchain was through trading. Yet, as I delved deeper into this new industry, I realized that its potential extended far beyond digital transactions. I fell through the rabbit hole.

As a Product Manager in web3, I've gained vast exposure to a wide range of blockchain projects. My roles have taken me across the spectrum of stablecoins, DeFi protocols, web3 compliance, and more. Each new project was a new lesson, a fresh insight that deepened my fascination and appreciation for this industry and its people.

Now, I'm embarking on the next exciting adventure in my career journey by joining StableLab as Head of Product. I'm particularly excited about aligning my passion with a company renowned for its expertise in DAOs and professional delegation services - a reputation earned by working with some of the most prominent names in web3.

At StableLab, my role will further immerse me in web3 and DAOs, which I consider to be the organizational and political systems of the future. I've always been intrigued by the concept of communities organizing themselves within these decentralized networks, and I'm eager to contribute to shaping their evolution.

I look forward to leveraging my experience to build products that help DAOs navigate the challenges and opportunities inherent in web3 governance. My goal remains the same: to create products that people love and help expand the web3 ecosystem.

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