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Juan Esquivel
Juan Esquivel

Meet the Team: Juan Esquivel

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Juan Esquivel

Feb 13, 2023

I’m excited to announce that I have joined the StableLab team as Marketing Manager. At StableLab, I will focus on improving governance content and marketing, with the goal of helping decentralized organizations grow sustainably.

During my web3 journey, I've become laser-focused on one thing, governance. The reason? Scaling protocols safely and sustainably requires carefully developed and nurtured governance structures. I am proud to join StableLab, the leader in professional delegation and governance, a team that embodies and shares the same values I have for governance.

My mission in this space has always been to make web3 as accessible as possible. To accomplish this, I’ve dedicated myself to creating helpful and educational content. Content, especially in web3, is incredibly powerful. It simplifies and demystifies complex topics making them easier to digest casting the ideas far and wide. For now, governance content is still largely underdeveloped, undervalued, and underexplored. Before joining StableLab, I wrote extensively about protocols, protocol governance, and the latest developments in the ecosystem. Now, I’m excited to drive things even further, defining new governance standards, and educating even more folks about the importance of robust governance systems.

I’m joining a team that has quickly set itself apart as THE leading governance team to work with. At StableLab, protocols of all stages look to us for decentralization guidance and direction. Both established and newly-formed protocols understand that the key to decentralization lies in effective governance. The delegation model can now be seen across dozens of protocols and communities. StableLab is professionalizing this role, dedicating significant resources to it, and focusing on quality over quantity. The team currently holds delegate roles in over 15 protocols, setting the standards for delegates.

I'm fortunate to work alongside a team that truly understands DAOs, with experience in DAO operations, research, and development. I myself have personally contributed to several DAOs and have witnessed firsthand the unique challenges they bring. Because of these experiences, StableLab is able to offer DAO-native solutions that remain flexible enough to fit each DAO’s needs. I've long admired and written about some of the leading DeFi protocols in the space, such as MakerDAO, Aave, and Balancer. At StableLab, the team proudly works closely with these top protocols and their communities, helping innovate and build sustainable governance models.

This is where I want to be—building the future standards of decentralized organizations. It's not an easy road, but I wake up every day humbled to have the chance to play a small role in the development of the space. I look forward to working closely with the team, the protocols, the various communities, and of course, you, the reader. Can't wait.

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