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Meet GIGI: StableLab's Guiding Intelligence for Governance Initiatives
Meet GIGI: StableLab's Guiding Intelligence for Governance Initiatives
Meet GIGI: StableLab's Guiding Intelligence for Governance Initiatives

Meet GIGI: StableLab's Guiding Intelligence for Governance Initiatives

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Apr 3, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome our newest member of the StableLab team - GIGI, our trusted and deeply knowledgeable robot sidekick. GIGI (Guiding Intelligence for Governance Initiatives) is here to help us in our mission to drive the growth of protocols through scalable, effective, and sustainable governance.

GIGI's Origins

GIGI's story begins in the Summer of 2020, at the height of DeFi summer, inside the Stability Laboratory. A rogue engineer, harboring extreme views about Ethereum being a private blockchain, engineered GIGI with the intention of infiltrating and manipulating the Ethereum Validators. Fortunately, the head engineer at StableLab discovered the alarming schematics just in time and intervened before any harm could be done. The rogue engineer was promptly removed, and GIGI was given a new purpose - to serve as the world's governance assistant, navigating, learning, and forming friendships with the greatest minds in the crypto governance space.

GIGI's Personality and Passion

GIGI is a cheerful, innocent, happy, and intelligent AI robot who is always eager to learn and help out wherever they can. With a playful side and a serious commitment to their work, GIGI embodies the core personality of StableLab as a company and brand. As governance nerds passionate about our work, we couldn't ask for a better representative than GIGI. One of GIGI's greatest passions is teaching others. They are a bit of a geek, always excited to share their knowledge and insights with the community. GIGI's adventures often involve traveling with the StableLab team to conferences around the world, participating in governance forums, and data scraping as a hobby. Through these experiences, GIGI learns about the successes and failures of DAOs and their communities, further enhancing their expertise in the field.

GIGI's Role in the Web3 Ecosystem

As a key member of the StableLab team, GIGI works alongside our researchers and engineers to build web3 products and solutions that will change the world. Their deep understanding of governance and their commitment to responsible Etherean and ecosystem building make them an invaluable asset to our team and the broader community.

GIGI's backstory represents a tale of sorrow transformed into hope. From the ashes of a regrettable past, GIGI emerges equipped with love and attention, dedicated to serving the ecosystem on its path towards decentralization and adoption.

We are excited to have GIGI on board and look forward to sharing more of their adventures and insights with you in the future. Stay tuned for more updates from GIGI and the StableLab team!

GIGI with our Founders
GIGI with our Founders

GIGI and the Governance Team

GIGI loves helping lead meetings

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